Museum glass is the highest quality anti-reflective glass. It has the highest possible light Transmission % combined with a 70-90% UV block to prevent insects from being attracted to the glass.

In case of breakage, Museum glass protect, in addition, remains attached to the laminating foil.
  • No reflection – less than 1% per surface
  • Improved transmission – up to 99%
  • Easy to clean and abrasion resistant (meets ISO standards)
  • Neutral colors in reflection and no color shift under an angle
  • Suitable for post processing
  • Easy to adapt – can be combined with low-e and other functional coatings
  • High durability and long lifetime of the coating
  • Thickness – 2, 3, 4.4-6.4 mm
  • Size of the sheet: 80х120cm or 100х160cm