Photo book production

  • Stage 1 - CREASING
Creasing is a process when crease of page of photo book sheet is made. It is carried out pneumatically, wherein the force of impact of blade is designed in a way the photo paper fibers remain intact.
Creased copies are collected in book blocks. This is a very important stage, which determines the shape retention and the quality of the book for long usage.
  • Stage 3 - PRESS
The final binding occurs during the cooling of the block under press.
  • Stage 4 - Book-edge trimming
  • Stage 5 - COVER MAKING
We do not use universal covers; the cover template is calculated and made in each individual case. It provides a long-term book usage.
  • Stage 6 - Binding of blocks with the cover
This is a difficult and most crucial moment in the final assembly of the book on which depends life of book cover and the way the book will open. Also the pages should not crackle during turning. Photo paper is a very complex material in bookbinding, and only under strict technology it is possible to get a high-quality photo book.
Our photo book is not a magazine, nor a booklet, neither an album. This is a BOOK with heavy pages and flexible binding, printed on professional photographic materials. All copies are handmade with full quality control.